“Map of Time” by Felix J Palma


Fans of H.G. Wells, time travel and curiosities in general will find this book interesting.

HG Wells is the main character in this book, giving it an odd realistic feel.  The entire story revolves around the change his book “The Time Machine” has had on his community.  Time Travel became the newest trend and suddenly “companies” start to crop, saying they can take people to the future.

The story starts with one of the characters reflecting on his “girlfriend” being murdered by Jack the Ripper. That alone grabbed my attention!  Nothing bad EVER comes from talking about Jack the Ripper!

Palma is a very strong story-teller, so don’t go into these books expecting action and adventure.  There is elements of each, like any good story, but his books area heavily based on peoples lives, and their interactions with one another.  One thing that really caught my attention was the story is narrated, but you don’t realize it until the “narrator” breaks the fourth wall.  He leaves no indication that this is someone telling a story until all of a sudden the story breaks and the narrator apologizes or explains something.  But the narrator isn’t a person, it is an omnipresent being so he sometimes insinuates that he knows more that he is really telling. It gives the story an interesting feel, and each time he changes which person is the central focus of the chapter, the voice he is telling the story with changes.  His lingo and, attitude almost, take on that of the character he is watching.  It makes the story itself a character, it’s a very interesting way of writing.
He makes you believe the storyline is heading one way, and then gives it a believable twist, yet the ending comes completely out of left field and leaves you thinking “No way!”.  When people start reading it, I tell them to stick with it, even if the story takes a twist that they don’t like.  The ending blew me away, he had taken EVERYTHING he had taught you in the book, everything that he made predictable, and threw it out the window.

Overall it’s a fantastic read for people who like a bit of humor and history, but who have an open mind about our world.

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