Small Update

Just a small update. I have started working again, but this time I’m my own boss. I am opening my very first storefront on Sunday, so everything is a little hectic. With that being said, the other reviewers are having life issues of their own so their reviews are on hiatus. I will try to post as regularly as possible, but it will be rickety at first because I am getting used to/creating a schedule for myself.

We all appreciate everyone’s patience with us during these times, and I hope that once all our schedules calm down, we can get back to posting regularly!

Keep reading and never be afraid to recommend us some good (or horrible) titles.


We have a GoodReads account now! Look us up as BookHole!

This was a way to show all the books each of us read, if anyone is looking for a specific review. Connect with us and other readers, tell us about your thoughts on the book (which you can do here too! We love hearing from you).

We are slowly working on the account, and I hope to have ratings all filled in, excerpts from our reviews, and anything we are currently reading or plan on reading soon. It will be spiffy soon!

Come and connect with us!

News: Instagram!

artemisiconI created an Instagram for all of our book blog pictures, and whatever other book related pictures we can take.

If you want to follow us there for extra notification we are @bookhole1

Might take a while to get it fully up and running, and we will still  be posting on Twitter. No worry about that!

We are hoping to build up a larger following so we can start giving back! Don’t forget to share and like our posts to let us know how we are doing!


artemisiconI will be moving in a few days,  and I’m not completely sure when the internet will be hooked up at the new place. I hope it will be relatively quick, but we all know how internet companies work. If there are no reviews next Thursday, don’t worry, it’s probably just because I have no internet. We shouldn’t be more than a few days without, so we will be back the week after!

We are also trying to build the audience to our blog because we would love to start doing things for our readers! So if you really enjoy some of our reviews, please share them!

Twitter Issue

artemisiconJust making a quick post to let everyone who follows us on twitter know that we have been blocked out of our twitter account. I filed a report, but they don’t respond to individual cases so I have no idea how long it will take until this is resolved. I am incredibly sorry about all of this!