“Map of the Sky” Felix J Palma


artemisiconThis book is the sequel to his first; “Map of Time”, but it could easily be read on its own. The characters are familiar, but there are also some new ones mixed in. HG Wells still carries the story, and it is still influenced by his novels, only this time “War of the Worlds” is the basis for this book. Having read the first one I figured this book would be predictable, was I ever wrong! There are things that happen in this book that are really only understood if you read the first one, the depth of the event happening.  But the story is so different from the first that it stands on it’s own.

The book starts out rather slow paced, the majority of the first half of the book is a journal from a man on an Arctic voyage. But it sets up the rest of the plot and the one important fact (like the solved Jack the Ripper case of the first novel) that will completely change the ending of the book.

What should have been a prank ends up being a full fledged, honest to god, Alien invasion.  The hero HG Wells, along with some familiar faces from Map of Time are left scrambling for their lives as they dodge Alien tripods burning down the country-side and strange creatures that are not what they appear. The book took longer than normal to get into, but once the story really started I could not put it down. If you haven’t read Map of Time yet, this may ruin it a bit for you, but I figured this book would be set up the same, everything is an elaborate hoax.  I was wrong, everything that happened was true.  It pulled the carpet right out from under me, I didn’t know what to expect or where the story was going to go.  It made it an addicting read because it was so different from the first book I couldn’t predict what was going to happen! This book is a little bit darker, and still draws on time travel quite a bit.  Admittedly, some of the time it went a little over my head, but not enough that I lost interest in the story, or was confused by any of it.  This story, unlike the last, literally had me in tears.  A few things happen to characters I have grown to love, that I didn’t expect Palma to do.

I would LOVE if Palma continued writing stories through HG Wells, and I love the fact other familiar names make appearances.  I guarantee I will be first in line to pick up his books if he continues writing!

These two books are part of a trilogy! And I am (im)patiently waiting for the third and last installment!

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