Introducing Guest Reviewer!

I’m going to be honest; I’m going to be the odd one out here.

As a child I hated reading. Being diagnosed with ADHD while going to school in French meant I couldn’t read in English until I was 12. I was a “Hooked on Phonics” kid and honestly, I think that was one of the best decisions my dad ever made.

That was when I was introduced to The Babysitter’s Club and Archie comics. My love for reading grew with the introduction of Harry Potter, but it wasn’t until I met Artemis nearly 20 years ago that it flourished. My current tastes are kind of all over the place, my favourites being Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Most of what I read can be classified as “kid’s books” and need to be fast paced; if I’m not hooked within the first few sentences, I quickly lose interest in the book. I also don’t like when too many things are happening at once, I can’t always keep up.

I’m hoping I can help prove that anyone can enjoy reading, given they find the right stuff!

You can call me Apollo and I’m pleased to meet you!

Introducing a new member!

Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce myself as the third member of the Book Hole team.

Books were truly love at first sight for me. I learned to read before I was in preschool and hit the ground running from there. I had no patience for childrens books and quickly advanced into the world of
novels, and in the fifth grade I discovered my very first Stephen King novel, ‘Hearts in Atlantis’. To say this
was a pivitol moment in my life would be greatly understating it. Since that day I have collected nearly all of his published works ( I believe my collection currently sits at roughly 62 titles), and he has shaped my
taste for reading to be what it is today.

As you would expect I read a fair amount of psychological thrillers and that in large will be my genre of choice here. I will however also be dabbling in mystery, horror, romance, and a few classics here and there. I will without a doubt be the hardest critic here but you can be sure that I will be as honest as I am blunt, and firmly believe in giving credit for talent where it’s due. It’s important that I note here that I am not afraid to delve into titles that would be considered taboo. Since these topics may impact you, the
reader, clear trigger warnings will be provided for such topics.

As far as my identity goes you may all call me Lilith. I’m very pleased to make your unofficial acquaintances and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you! Happy reading lovelies!

Introductions Continued…

asteriaiconHi! As promises way back when, there are two of us contributing to the blog…or rather one who contributes regularly, and one who regularly forgets. The latter would be me, but you can call me Asteria!

I have been reading for as long as I can remember. My mom was a huge influence with that. She could always be counted on to have a good book in tow, and well…monkey see monkey do! Books allowed me to go on countless adventures, adventures that took me away from the realities of life going on around me. They were my coping mechanism, my way of escaping, a method I still use today.

I am not overly hard on books. If I can make it till the end and not give up, it can’t be terrible. I am, however, a believer that there is no such thing as a bad book, just one that hasn’t spoken to you yet. I didn’t read Harry Potter until years after it was released cause I thought it was a silly kids book. but I read it at the right time for me, and it has resonated in me ever since.

I read just about anything. I love crime novels, the likes of John Sandford, Kathy Reichs, and Patricia Cornwell. As stated, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.  I have read a lot of teen novels as well, such as Kelley Armstrong, Veronica Roth, Cassandra Clare, and the like. I can read true crime, paranormal, biography, mystery, anything really that seems kinda interesting. I do, however tend to shy away from the sci-if and fantasy genres…I will leave that to Artemis!

So what kind of reviews to expect from me? Well…hard to say! I like to read somewhat mainstream, and see what the fuss is about, and I like book to movie adaptations. But every now and then I will come out with an unusual read, something a little less known. Hopefully you will find a reviewed book here that captures your interest and takes you on your own adventure!


artemisiconSince there are two of us here, I think some introductions are in order.

I’m a fussy reader; having started with books from Tolkien and the Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms series, and then when I got tired of Fantasy (I know, blasphemy, but it does happen) I jumped to Anne Rice and Bram Stoker.  These books have shaped my entire reading spectrum and have given me a certain expectation of books.

I am also an eclectic reader and am willing to bounce from subject to age group as long as it is interesting enough.  I’ve done the typical Harry Potter, Hunger Games route, but I’ve also tried reading by popularity, and books like Inkheart and the House of Night are books that brain bleach will never be able to erase from my memory.

I’m hard on books, but when I like them, I like them a lot. And I’m not afraid to let anyone and everyone know that I like those books. Hence the blog.

I’m not about to post my real name, so to keep with the anonymity of the internet, just call me Artemis.