Our first Unboxing!

asteriaiconHave any of you ever bought or received one of those subscription boxes in the mail? I first heard about these by a co-worker about 4 years ago. He told me about this box he received monthly that contained a t-shirt and some various items that pertained to that month’s particular theme. I was very intrigued. I thought it would be a great gift idea for my fiancé, so I looked into it. There are tons of different boxes you can purchase, pertaining to anything you can think of: beauty products, socks, alcohol and food, tea, chocolate, crafting, fashion, fitness, jewellery, home décor, books, even a box for pets! As I was looking into the idea of getting a geek box subscription, I noticed the price of shipping these types of boxes to Canada (if they shipped at all), and after doing some quick conversion math in my head from US$ to CDN$, I quickly realized it was just way too expensive to get one.

I gave up the idea for a very long time until very recently, when I was listening to a podcast about books. I did some googling and found a very handy blog post about various boxes that ship within Canada. There were a few different book boxes to choose from, and after careful consideration, I decided I would buy a 1 month box to Novel Editions. It seemed to have more of what I was looking for at a better cost, and I figured if I hated it, I was only out one month’s cost, rather than a full 6 or 12 month subscription. Then I decided to document the un-boxing for the blog! This is the box I received in the mail a few days ago. It comes in a nice sized box, with a beautiful logo on it.


As I opened the box, and took my time to take pictures, I got more and more excited!  The theme for the month of December is Magic! I had received an email about the theme before the box shipped, and I have been thinking about what type of book could be in the box. After all, the term “magic” in books can mean a number of things. Are we talking like witch magic? Or are we talking dragons and fantasy type magic? Would it be a Christmas magic story?


I am not going to lie. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning opening this box. I took my time with each item, saving the book for last. Every part of this was just perfect, and it felt like this box was put together just for me!


First I took out the fairy lights. I love fairy lights! There are a million uses for these, especially at Christmas time! Then I pulled out the lavender bath bomb, perfect for a nice relaxing bath with a book! I next pulled out a little tin, which turned out to be chocolate mint loose leaf tea, which smells heavenly! There was a small box in the one corner, which turned out to be a Christmas ornament! A Christmas ornament!!! It has ribbons of text from C.S.Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.


Finally. The book. At first glance, the book has a stunning cover.  When reading the synopsis on the back, it sounds very interesting. The book follows two girls who photograph fairies in a garden, and become a national sensation.  It also looks 100 years later to a woman who find a manuscript in her grandfather`s bookstore, and learns about the little girls and the fairies. I also loved that the box included a little note from the author about where she got the idea for the story. It added a very nice touch. Also, Novel Editions has a book club where they discuss the book, and the author for this will be joining in to discuss with the readers, which I think is fabulous and I am really excited for it!!


Overall, this was a fabulous experience. It was somewhat pricy, it cost me about $60CND, but the items inside plus the book definitely are worth more than that. And really, the excitement alone of opening the box and even talking about it with people, made it worth the money! Sadly, after I purchased the box I found out that Novel Editions will only be shipping only once more for the month of January, and then they are closing up shop. I have bought the January subscription though, so I will post pictures of that once I get it, as it is supposed to be very good, but I have to be honest it will be hard to top the December box!

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