“Golden Prey” by John Sandford


asteriaiconThis review is more about the entire series than this specific book. I first picked up a book in the series when I was in university as something to read on the drive back home. Since then I have been hooked and have looked forward to the next installment every summer, and have amassed the entire collection!

The series follows Lucas Davenport, a cop with the Minneapolis P.D. He prefers to work alone as he tries to solve the Twin Cities grizzliest homicides, but there are a few detectives who make repeat appearances throughout the series. Davenport is an incredibly interesting character. He is considered to be good looking, yet has a hint of danger about him. He is also very intelligent, and very rich, having developed computer games and sold them for a hefty sum. He likes fast cars and beautiful women, yet can mingle with the cities less than reputable citizens easily, and has many informants that trust him and help him out on cases.

What sets Sandford apart from other crime authors is he tells the story not just from our protagonist’s perspective, but also from the prey’s perspective. We as readers get to watch as the characters make decisions which ultimately bring them closer and closer together. Sandford also develops his characters throughout the series. It is incredibly refreshing to watch a beloved character grow. I have read series where characters never change, they never really develop to their full potential, and it always feels so stagnant and can get boring. We read along with Davenport’s life as he goes through various relationships, eventually getting married and having kids. These characters sometimes play vital roles in the novels, while other times they have very minor parts or mentions.

Sandford’s stories are always a fun read. They are fast paced, and full of action, with smart, clever writing, and usually a heart-racing ending. The great Stephen King himself plugged Sandford’s latest book, quote “if you haven’t read Sandford yet, you have been missing one of the great summer-read novelists of all time”.

In this particular novel, Sandford’s 27th in the Prey series, Davenport is now a part of the U.S. Marshall service, who has set out to find Garvin Poole, an armed robber turned killer. Poole had gone underground for a number of years, but came out of hiding for one last big score. Poole robs a drug cartel, killing a number of people in the process, including a little girl. Now he is wanted by both the police and the drug cartel, and it’s a race to see who gets to him first!

If you haven’t read Sandford yet, I highly recommend giving him a try! The first in the Prey series is Rules of Prey, and I can guarantee you will be hooked!

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