artemisiconTrying to keep the twitter up to date, so feel free to follow us there for updates! @thebookhole1

Asteria and I no longer live in the same city, so she does the pictures for her own books. That’s why her reviews will look a little different than mine. Which is awesome!

I am working on more avatar pictures for Asteria, and a potential other reviewer. Being an artist it makes sense to me (and is super fun) to have avatars to tell our posts apart, as opposed to just writing our names at the end. So lots of changes are still happening, and I’m still slowly transferring everything over.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but this blog is updated every THURSDAY! So stay tuned every Thursday for reviews!

And we are always, ALWAYS, open to book suggestions! (I think that’s how we got into this, actually) Leave a comment or a like, or message us on twitter!

Blog updates!

artemisiconSince I have a lot of projects on the go I’ve had to schedule out my time. I’ve scheduled Thursdays for working on this blog. So right now I’m just updating graphics and pictures so they’re more personal (and pretty) and I will be adding actual reviews!

Doing small photo shoots for my books also reminds me how sorely my personal library is lacking. Many of the books I reviewed I did so while working, so I never actually owned the books. They do say hind sight is 20-20. That just means I will have to start building up my library to provide you guys with better images. That’s fine by me, my boyfriend made me more shelf space, it’s just that it will take a little time, so some of the images may be lacking.

It will get there, I promise. Eventually.

I have a few other ideas for this blog in mind, so they’ll be fun to see how it goes.

Minor Hiccup!

artemisiconOh my god, I swear this hasn’t been abandoned!

I kept meaning to add some reviews but my health issues have persisted and my co-blogger has been dealing with work B.S so we’ve been reading …just not writing about it.

I hope to change that and start personalizing the imagery of the site and uploading more often. I have arthritis in my back and its the kind that they would see in someone 20 years my senior, so sitting for long periods of time is unbearably painful. Which is why I haven’t been around the computer much, but I have decided to schedule my time so get more work done and I scheduled some time in specifically for this! I have done tons of reading so I hope to get a lot of reviews written up.

Thank you for being patient.

(And I’m playing with layout and graphics, sorry if stuff is wonky for a little while.)

Our sincerest apologies

artemisicon2015 was a rough year for many reasons. I myself encountered a health issue that put my life on hold for a long time. Testing and proper pain medication has allowed me to get back a little bit of my life so I am hoping to use some of that to keeping this blog updated. Between Asteria and myself, we should be able to update (reading was about the only thing I could do, so I have a lot of backlogged reviews) more frequently.

Here’s to a new year, and a new idea on life!