“Spirit Bound” by Richelle Mead

Yes, I am still frighteningly low on books. My partner now works out of town so I get out even less, meaning I will probably be reviewing full series.

This one is book 5 in the Vampire Academy series and a LITTLE less creepy than the last few. Rose has graduated and is now out in the real world. Unfortunately, her record means she will probably be stuck sorting files for the rest of her life, instead of guarding Lissa.

Continuing on from the last book, the girls believe they have a way to cure the Strigoi, but they have to do some pretty shady things to get that information. Namely, breaking Lissa’s “uncle” and abuser, Victor, out of a high security prison. As you can imagine, this is a common trope in many books where a gaggle of teens can outsmart a high security anything successfully. If it’s that easy, it’s clearly not high security. But, there wouldn’t be a book without it. They break him out, take him to the only person alive who has cured a Strigoi, lose the criminal, and then go back to court to plan and figure out how to cure a Strigoi. Namely, Dimitri. Rose’s trainer and ex-lover. You know, the pedophile groomer. That one. In this book Rose is also dating Adrian, creating a standard love triangle.

The beginning of the book was groan worthy with teens being able to outsmart trained professionals, but the middle of the book blew by! I had to sit outside of my house for 4 hours a little while ago and I spent the entire time reading, I didn’t want to put the book down.

With the girls out of school, the book is able to delve much deeper into Moroi politics and the ways their world works. This puts both Rose and Lissa into situations they don’t know how to get out of. The change does make it interesting, but sadly Rose seems to be declining in her maturity. She was already borderline annoying, but now she has gone full force crazy ex-girlfriend. That is my one glaring complaint, Rose doesn’t have to be perfect, but she can have some self respect.

I am still enjoying this series, even with it’s icky moments and irritating character developments. I have this entire series plus the ones that come after it about different characters, I do believe. So, we won’t be getting away from Vampire Academy any time soon. Thankfully Mead is a good writer.

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