“The Dysasters” by P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast

Once again, a Cast book. I always try to give her books a fair shot because SOMETIMES they are really good (Like Moon Chosen, it was great!).

It’s basically about a scientist who bonded children with the elements. His first projects are slowly going insane, so when he tried the experiment again, he created two children to balance out one another with the element. The story follows Foster, who is on the run from the scientist with her adoptive mother Cora …who happens to be the wife of the scientist. Everything changes when the original four finds them and attacks right when they meet the other half of Fosters element – Tate. The rest of the story follows them as they run from the original four and try to find the other elements.

I’m on the fence about this book. It’s not BAD. But it’s not super great.

It sounds like it would be great, but the book is a whole lot of nothing really happening. The characters aren’t endearing enough to really carry a shitty plot line (like Cassandra Clare’s can) so I found the book lacking.

Then, Cast tried to science out how the children were made. He bonded Foster and Tate when they were still in the embryo with O2 and shot them with Gamma Rays. I wanted to curl up with all my science books and cry. O2, H2O …but I’m curious what chemical they go with for fire since fire is a reaction, not a periodic element. And for earth …which one? Earth as in soil? Rocks? Which rock? What kind of soil? The original four are going insane from their abilities; one sees weird creatures, one is fading I think, and Eve – the earth controller, spawns tumors made of gems and it’s slowly killing her. Her father, the scientist, draws the power of her gemstones from her to get them off of her body, but he is also addicted to the high he gets from it.

Caught all that?

It’s an interesting IDEA, I just don’t think it was executed completely well.

There were some things I liked about the book! I promise! One of the children bonded with water is actually transgender, so that was really cool! She might not have been a MAIN character, but she was important, not just a throw away character like other series have done.

Her writing feels a LITTLE adult, there is a fair amount of swearing (I KNOW teens swear, believe me, I was the champ at it, but sometimes it’s a little much) but she didn’t dive into the sexual aspect as much as her House of Night series, which was nice. The kids started calling the original four the ‘fucktastic four’, and I was going to make a joke at the expense of it …then I remembered a while ago I was talking to my husband about something and came out with ‘fucktardians of the galaxy’ so I really have no room to complain.

For a YA book it’s not bad, the characters aren’t too cliche, it’s a little predictable, but it’s a decent brainless read.

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