“I hate fairy land” by Scottie Young

I do not have this in graphic novel form, I have it in original comic. I stumbled across it at my LCS and I just HAD to read it. The colours were eye-bleedingly bright but there was just something OFF about the art. It was cute, but there was just something “ick” about the art. Kind of like Ren and Stimpy, where the art is fine but there is just something gross about it. And I love that style. The crooked-tooth grin in the cutsey girl with green pigtails. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this series, as I wasn’t very familiar with Scottie Young.

Before I get too deep into the artist side of this and completely lose the point, I will jump into the story aspect. A young girl is pulled into the world of fairy and to return home must find the lost key. Remember that ick factor I was talking about? This is where it comes in. This sweet girl took on the quest in her hopes of returning home …and ended up on a fluffing quest of bull sugaring proportions. The land of sugar and fairy twisted Gertrude, while keeping her trapped in her child body. So we end up with the delight of a murdering, swearing (mother fluffers!), drinking, witty, powerful …6-year-old …with pig tails. Each failed quest sends Gertrude deeper into the world of fairy with her smoking fly companion. New maps send her to new areas, making her the most feared force in all the lands.

Oh, and the ruler of fairy, who pulled her into the world and gave her the quest, is tired of her destroying everything and is now trying to kill her. So there is that too.

The art style and the story are SO jarring, I think that’s what makes it amazing. I love dark, twisted stories, and watching a little girl in green pigtails and a pink dress carve and smash her way through a bright coloured magical world is bloody hilarious.

I recommend this series (which is also out in graphic novel), but it’s definitely something for a specific crowd. There is a lot of blood and gore, the “swearing” is just cute words used as if they were swears (except the few special covers released called “I fucking hate fairy land” …yeah, I have those), and the only colours that exist are in the highlighter perspective. Take a trip to your local comicbook store, grab the first volume, and take a look!

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