“Rat Queens Vol.1: Sass and Sorcery” by Kurtis J. Wiebe

Another comic review! I decided to start reviewing comics in the off weeks of novels, to keep the blog a little more active until the others have the chance to come back. So, the next comic is another one of my absolute favorites!

Rat Queens is about a group of Warriors for hire …but, the catch, they’re all women.

Fantasy has always been a boys league, and any women in the genre have had to fight tooth and nail for their positions (Look up Gail Simone). This has created the fangirl phenomenon. You know the one, where women battle so hard for their place somewhere that they change the entire fandom. A lot of people snide and chirp and claim “SJWs ruining another thing”, but everything should be inclusive, and not just to white skin with a penis.

Some companies have realized that “fangirls” are a tidal wave of force and will forge a path no matter what. To survive, they had jumped into that tidal wave. One such company is Image. They have printed many of my FAVORITE comics, which I hope to slowly start talking about on this blog! The comic industry is booming because of women. Women want all the genres that are typically aimed at men, they’re just tired of the male gaze. Rat Queens is definitely written with those women in mind.

I wish to thank Image wholeheartedly for Rat Queens. The women are a clusterfuck of body types, personality types, species, and skin colours. There is Betty, the Smidgen (basically a hobbit-type species that masters stealing) who drinks does drugs with the best of them; Dee, an Atheist Cleric (yep) whose parents believe in a giant flying squid monster (yep); Hannah, the Elven mage (who is covered in tattoos and curses about as much as I do, and in a very similar fashion); and Violet, the ginger Dwarven fighter.

The girls all have very vibrant personalities (they aren’t cookie-cutter bimbo’s, or cookie cutter “I’m not like other girls”), rich back stories that are slowly revealed throughout the story, and aren’t shoved into stereotypical roles. They are monster hunters for hire, where even in things like the Witcher that’s a mans gig. And the girls are good at it. After a giant bar fight, all the Monster Hunting groups are sent out on missions. Our girls get to clear out goblins from a cave. Instead of goblins they meet an assassin. But they aren’t the only ones. Most of the groups sent out, never made it back. If they even made it out of the tavern.

On top of the great story, the art is outstanding! And the colours are so bright and vivid! Some comics run into the issue with colour palettes and their panels becoming muddy and hard to see. With computers now it doesn’t happen as much, and the artist Roc Upchurch (I hope it’s Roc and not ROC, the names are only written in caps) uses the full colour spectrum.

If you’re looking for a raunchy female led fantasy story, do not pass this one up!

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