“Blood Lines” by Tanya Huff

This week is book three in the Blood Ties series. I do believe I mentioned last time (or in an Instagram post?) that my books are getting LOW, so you will be getting series relatively back-to-back. Well, wouldn’t you believe that 2 days after I started this book my Husband took me to a bookstore for my birthday (masks and social distancing, and I usually leave my house once a week for my doctors and that’s it …so that was a special thing for my birthday). So now I will have a few different titles, but sadly all parts of series I have started. Most of the books I was looking for weren’t in, and with the pandemic I don’t like being in buildings for long periods of time or touching things.

Back to the task, book?, at hand. Continuing on with Vicki’s story as she is brought in by her old police partner (and semi-romantic partner) Mike Celluci after he is forcefully removed from a strange case. The case being a sarcophagus that was found over seas. The British museums didn’t want some random “empty” sarcophagus because they were already overworked with vaults of artifacts they would never have time to analyze. So the artifact made it’s way here to the Royal Ontario Museum, more casually known as the ROM.

We went there a few years ago and sadly missed the Egyptian Exhibit, this was obviously MANY years after the book came out, but I still found it kind of funny. We also missed the Viking exhibit as well for that matter …and they had Canadian actors from the show on their final day, which my husband couldn’t get time off for us to go see. Sigh.

Inside this oddly marked and still sealed sarcophagus was a completely intact, and incredibly odd mummy.

Here is where the police come in. A janitor and the doctor that brought the mummy over were found dead, and suddenly no one remembers that there was a mummy at all. Chalking up the deaths to “heart attacks”, the police are pulled off the case. But since Celluci’s recent indoctrination into the supernatural, he isn’t willing to take the case at face value.

What would a thousands-year-old mummy want with Toronto? And why has Henry (yep, he’s in this too) been having dreams about sunrise since the mummy showed up?

Quick fun read, definitely a product of it’s time while being progressive (I was alive in the 90s, this book is progressive!). Being from the area it’s fun to hear places and streets I’m familiar with, most books in this genre take place in the states so I have nothing to go off of. This series is great if you’re looking for a supernatural mystery series with a kick ass, and disabled, female lead.

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