“Blood Trail” by Tanya Huff

This is the second book in the series, and I did review the first one. The way this series seems to be written, it’s much like other authors I have read (Jim Butcher, Laurell K Hamilton, etc) in how each book is it’s own story and you can literally pick up any book and know what’s happening, but there are small character growths and changes you may not catch.

Carrying on from the first, Henry (local vampire) calls Vicki for a favor, he has friends in need. He forgot to tell her that his friends were Werewolves. Two of their older relatives had been killed, in their fur-forms. So it was a little hard for them to go to the police for a dead Aunt that was honestly a human at one point, we swear officer! So, they called in Vicki. With her growing blindness (which is what forced her off the Toronto police department, she has no peripheral vision or night vision) she is reliant on Henry to do most of the night time leg work. They determine the wolves were shot from 500yards, at night, while moving. Not once, but twice. One hell of a shot that only an Olympian Gold could make.

This story was weird for me because Vicki isn’t in Toronto, she’s actually been employed by people who live just outside the city I live in. So she is mentioning landmarks I know personally. Hell, she mentioned a landmark that I have been going to the past few years for a Convention! While we were out driving the other day I mentioned to my husband a restaurant that was brought up, but since the book was published in ’92, everything has probably changed. It had changed, but my husbands family is from here so he recognized the name and actually showed me where it used to be. So I was literally driving the same route as these characters. Most books I read take place in the states or somewhere imaginary so I know the cities exist and how cities generally work, but it’s never been so close as to be actually walking in their metaphorical footsteps (or tire tracks in this case).

These types of books are my guilty pleasure, as you have probably seen if you follow our blog. Supernatural murder mystery, faeries, and vampires are my guilty pleasures.

So this book hits two out of the three, and it’s a local author which makes it even better!

This book has an out of time sense because Vicki makes a few comments about racism/sexism in the police and justice departments and almost 20 years later those words still fit. There were a few moments like that, where words from 20 years ago fit today, and they really shouldn’t – cause they weren’t nice words.

I loved the series, it’s exciting from the get go and is actually decently written. Huff only carries the mystery through the beginning, and in the last book and this one, the rest of the time you are split between Vicki/Henry, and the bad guy. You get to see their side of what’s happening, their plans, their thoughts, and it kind of builds the stress because you can see our heroes walking into a trap because you watched the bad guy build it. Or the frustration and stress when Vicki takes the bad guy off her suspect list because she is judging based on superficial traits.

If you love this genre, I recommend it, I even recommend the show! Early 00’s garbage, but fun garbage!

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