“Way of the Wolf” by E.E. Knight

I bought this series a while ago from a yard sale. They were cheap so I said why the hell not?

Vampires in the future, why not?

Well …the book started off strong, with a group of “wolves” led by David Valentine, taking a group of people through the woods. They hide in a barn and are attacked by “Ravie’s” and “Hoods”. Even though I was confused, It was an attention-getting start. The next chapter we go back in time to when Valentine was still living with his adopted father in the village and preparing for a race to win a gun. It slowed the book to a crawl and forgot to pick it back up.

Every chapter starts with a few paragraphs about the area and the history of that area, so there is world building but it’s just written a little oddly. It also makes it read a little more like a history book than a fiction book.

I can’t pretend that I understood everything that was happening. Basically, gates, or “doors” were found that allowed different beings to come through. The doors connected worlds throughout the Milky Way, and through that came the lifeweavers. They were essentially “gods” to the humans. They created/bred a creature known as the Kurian. The Kurian’s control the Reapers, or “Hoods”. The Hoods hunt humans and eat their souls.

Valentine joined a group known as the “Wolves” There are several branches of this guard-type duty, and they all do different things to help protect against the Kurians and the Hoods. The Wolves, are gifted special senses from an old being (a lifeweaver I think?). They are faster, stronger, can see further, hear better, and smell better. Valentine is an oddity because he can sense the Hoods.

The story follows Valentine on his journey to becoming a Wolf, and through his reassignments a he climbs the ranks quickly.

I’m not super fond of this book. The writing is very slow and reads more like a history book. Even the exciting scenes feel flat. And the time jumps a bit so it feels very disjointed chapter-to-chapter. Valentine is an incredibly flat and boring character, but your typical perfect hero where mistakes aren’t horrible and he’s seen as “talented” and “creative” and what-not even though we never really see anything special.

I might read the next somewhere down the line, out of sheer curiosity and the fact I own them all.

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