“The Wicked will Rise” by Danielle Paige

This is the next in the ‘Dorothy must Die’ series. Basically official fanfiction about the state of Oz after Dorthy came back, addicted to magic.

The story starts up immediately where the last book ended, with two of the “wingless” monkeys (they chopped off their own wings so they couldn’t be controlled by Dorothy) flying Amy away from her failed assassination attempt, on paper wings gifted by the Wizard.

Amy Gumm, the next girl from Kansas sent to Oz on a tornado, has been tossed into the void of this new world, while the rest of the Wicked are scattered or dead. With no real insight to the Wicked’s original plans, Amy has to make everything up as she goes along.

Before her escape, Amy found out that the only way to truly defeat Dorothy is to take the magical item from each of her henchmen. The Tinman’s heart, the Lions courage, and the Scarecrows brain. By the end of the last book she managed to get the Tinman’s heart. While running to safety she came across the next item she needed.

Also rescued with her was the princess Ozma, who is so twisted by Dorothy’s magic she is stuck child-like, confused, and useless. The more of this series I read the more I am reminded of HOW badly I need to read the original books. As Mombi was explaining Ozma’s origins and ties to the wingless monkey’s, the story actually started to sound familiar. Ozma, as a child, was turned into a boy to live with her in secrecy. The boy was known as “Tip” …and that is where it clicked. I had heard that name and story before, in the short lived TV show “Emerald City”. Mombi is also mentioned in the show, she’s the one looking after Tip, so I’m ASSUMING they’re from the Frank L Baum series …but the books by Paige ARE older than the show …This is where my lack of knowledge of the source material frustrates me. Obviously we all know the movie front to back, but it really doesn’t get into the deeper lore.

Speaking of Mombi, while Amy and Ozma are resting with the Wingless, Mombi teleports in, half dead. She was escaping with Nox and Glamora (Glinda’s twin sister) but something happened and she lost the two and ended up there with Amy. Through a bit of manipulation she manages to talk the Wingless into letting her stay and heal, while Amy and Ozma continue their work.

I have an odd relationship with this book, I really enjoy it, but it’s not the greatest writing ever …yet, when I’m not reading I’m constantly thinking about it, wondering what Amy is doing, wondering what the hell is up with Ozma …It’s odd, but now that I’m done this book all I can think about is buying the next in the series.

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