“Dragon Wytch” by Yasmine Galenorn

This is actually book 4 in the Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon series, of which I have not read any of the previous. Unfortunately, there is a lot I don’t understand, but for the most part the book explains itself so even though I don’t have the back story to the characters or plots or anything, I can still figure out what’s happening and why.

Putting the current world situation aside, most of my books come second hand. So that doesn’t always mean accurate numbers. All of my Galenorn books come that way so I end up with like book 4 and 7 in a series and spend the rest of the time trying to piece them together. I like her writing, but I also find it really boring. It’s a weird mix. But either way, it’s definitely a fluff read – turn your brain off and just enjoy it. It is your standard typical supernatural romance, lots of hot women, double that in hot men, action scenes to pad out the romantic ones …that kind of thing. But that doesn’t mean it’s BAD, it’s just nothing super incredible. But like I said, I still read it.

Because I’m starting 4 books in, the plot of the book came across a little cluster-fucked. Camille and her sisters, all half-fae (and one’s a vampire, another is a werecat thing …) but living Earth side. Camille, while leaving work, came across a unicorn being attacked by some other creatures. This starts the adventure of trying to help the unicorn find a missing pixie that was carrying the fabled crystal horn of a black unicorn, which they need to stop the hordes of demons sent in by the Demon Lord Shadow Wing. But they have also learned there are portals popping up between Earth side and Otherworld that are not being guarded, so errant fae and critters of all kind, are coming into Earth side unchecked.

Because Fae and other creatures are no longer hidden, the world had to change to accommodate that. Camille and her sisters work with a local police division to protect everyone and keep order. Sometimes that means taking out Trolls.

Galenorn’s writing isn’t as quick-paced and fun as some other authors in the genre, but she spends a lot of time on the relationship between the sisters and their growing household. One thing I will give Galenorn credit for is she doesn’t use girl-hate as a plot device. The sisters get along no matter what, defend and support each other at all times. No cattiness beyond normal sibling banter, at least in this book. It’s nice to see.

This is a take it or leave it book, if you love the genre and are looking for a quick fun read, this is it.

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