“Darklight” by Lesley Livingston

I reviewed the first in the series a little while ago and I was intending to write this up LAST week …but nothing goes according to plan so far this year. So if you haven’t read the other review OR the book itself and don’t want spoilers for the first book, maybe do one of those two things first!

The thing about this series so far is it’s pretty much unremarkable. A lot happens but nothing is actually happening. This isn’t a nitpick about this book, I find a lot of books I’ve read lately and in the past do this. They write a big elaborate story but literally nothing is happening – I refer to it as walking without going anywhere. The plot of this book is really basic but so much happens around it that it feels like a lot is happening. Basically: “Kelley has stolen jewellery a Leprechaun wants back, and Sonny hunts faeries.” 310 pages summed up into one sentence.

Now, I’m not saying the book is BAD, it’s still relatively enjoyable. But unfortunately I enjoy the OTHER characters more than I enjoy the main protagonists. Kelley has become the damsel in distress even though everyone talks about how amazing she is at fighting (this is my BIGGEST pet peeve with YA/Romance novels; having other characters praise traits that are never shown in the story), and Sonny has always bothered me so this book didn’t do much to change it. I love Tyff because her character is so off the wall, she actually stands out from the cardboard protags. Fennrys Wolf, another Janus, is also a riot, any scene he is in is automatically 10x more interesting.

With that off my chest – this story takes place 6 months after the first book. Sonny was instructed by Auberon (King of Faerie and Kelley’s biological father) to hunt down the rest of the Wild Hunt because of events in the first book spiraling and leading to their release. So Sonny is being a good changeling guard and has traveled to faerie to hunt them down. Once the Wild Hunt is dead that gives them access to kill Mabh (lesser Queen of Faerie and Kelley’s biological mother). Hijinks ensue? As for Kelley, they found out the charm she was given to muffle her Faerie powers was stolen from a Leprechaun and he wants it back. He spends the whole book chasing her. As an Irish descendant I feel like I’m supposed to be offended about the Leprechaun thing but then I remember a story my mother told me about my Great-Grandfather making her and her siblings sit around the kitchen table after they jokingly insulted the Fae to drink tea and leave out pennies from their own pockets (in the 60’s that was a lot of money!) …so …yeah, them Irish stereotypes …

(The offended thing is a joke, I just can’t help but think of that story whenever I read something about faeries.)

A bit more happens, but it’s a little too spoilery and end of book-ish, so I will just say a bit more happens than jewellery theft and hunting.

It’s enjoyable for what it is, a light fluffy read without much depth or substance, but still fun in its own right.

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