“Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman became one of those authors I have always wanted to read but for some ODD reason, never picked up a book. We even purchased his books for OTHER people but never ourselves. So, one day we were out looking for new books and I came across this one. So I made sure to buy it! Like most people, as soon as I found out another Gaiman series was turned into a TV show and it was starring Michael Sheen AND David frigging Tennant, I had to watch it. It was incredible so naturally, I needed the book.

The book follows the demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale from the start of the world, their impact on the garden of Eden, and then to their impact on the end of the world. Being the two beings left on earth to shepherd humans either to good things, or to evil, they are of course left in charge of Lucifer’s son. You would think that Angels would want the son of Lucifer destroyed, but they want the Ineffable war just as much as Hell does.

Though …both places should have maybe kept a closer eye on their agents because …the Antichrist may have been misplaced.

So as you can imagine, most of the remaining story is about Crowley and Aziraphale trying to correct their mistake before their respective powers find out.

The story also draws in the Four Horsemen, witches, Prophets, and Witchhunters. It seems like a clusterfuck but it actually works. Gaiman and Pratchett’s humor really comes through in this story, so if you’ve ever read any of the Discworld series, you’ll see. I found myself laughing out loud several times.

I highly recommend this book, it is hilarious and endearing, and just plain interesting!

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