“Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza” by Maxine Sylvester

Before I get into the review, this is book THREE and the previous review was book FOUR. When I downloaded the files they somehow ended up reversed in the folder and that’s just the way I read them. The books can be read on their own, but there are things that happened in this book that set up for the Reindeer Flying Academy.

I’m going to get this out of the way first, I cannot sing Sylvester’s praises enough! Even though these are children’s books and contain typical childish jokes and themes, it is still incredibly wholesome and heart warming.

This book is about Ronaldo’s friend Rudi and his birthday party. They are relatively long children’s books so she is able to include more of a story than just the party and develop the characters a little bit more and their relationship to others. With the upcoming Reindeer Academy, all the children are excited about going (only those with the best grades get the opportunity) …all except Rudi. Sylvester doesn’t shy away from real life, so Rudi can’t go because his father lost his job and they could no longer afford it with his extravagant birthday.

Many other things happen throughout this book leading up to the grand Birthday Party (where they got Monty the Moose the Magician!). Reindeer with frizzy hair, Ronaldo learning the power of honesty, bullies, and the power of a loving friend.

I highly recommend this series for anyone, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this book series is so much more than that.

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