“Darkfever” by Karen Marie Moning

When I started working at the craft store, I bonded with one of the framers over books, so a few days later she came in with this entire series in hand. I remember seeing it when I worked in the book store, but it was in the romance section and I tended to shy away from those (let’s be real, I still mostly do).

But, this series had the magical mix: Ireland, and faeries. I can’t resist either of those, so together it’s impossible for me to say no.

MacKayla is your standard typical romance heroine who finds out her sister was murdered while over in Ireland. So, she takes a flight over to figure out what happened. Sex-addicted faeries, tall-dark-and-handsome figure in the shadows, and a plot that grows with every new character and every new thing Mac figures out.

It was a long time ago that I read this book so some details are a little fuzzy but I remember that as ANNOYING as Mac is, I actually enjoyed the story (I read the whole series, that has to count for something right?). It wasn’t anything spectacular, but I felt for Mac and the loss of a family member, and being in a new country with no one there to help her. She is put up against odds and learns what it means to be a ‘sidhe-seer’.

I was also shocked at the LACK or romance in this book. Sure, there is a handsome guy following Mac around, but it became an after thought, Mac’s search for her sisters murderer, and the Dark Book known as the Sinsar Dubh and it’s link to her sisters death was the forefront. I have read too many romance novels where the interesting plot is back-burnered for the lame ‘romance’ plot line. that did impress me with this book and kind of kept me interested.

If you’re looking for an easy read with a mix of fantasy, sex, and mystery, this is probably up your alley.

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