“Sun Warrior” by P.C. Cast

I’m going to start off by saying sorry for the lapse in posts. I hit a very busy point in my life and unfortunately didn’t do a lot of reading. Everything is slowing back down so I should be back on a normal schedule.

Which brings me to my next problem. I had a hard time reading this book and I don’t know if it was the subject matter PLUS my horrible as of late anxiety, or just my anxiety. So, Lilith asked me to put trigger warnings in this post. I won’t go into detail in the review about it, but there is a LOT of animal/pet death.

This book follows ‘Moon Chosen’ and picks up exactly where it left off – with the forest burning. The Companions homes in the trees burned down, caused by the battle that Mari’s presence in their world created. The first book had an inkling of hope: Mari found Rigel, figured out who she was and found someone to embrace that. This book …thrives on fear and hatred. Thaddeus is still trying to rile up the Tribe, to go kill Nik and Mari, and to start rebuilding while tearing down everything they know as a society. He fans their fear into burning hatred …sound familiar? That’s the other thing that made this book a little tough to read, hits too close to home. But that might be the point.

I actually found the story of the skin stealers easier to read …probably because dead gods coming back to life isn’t relatable. Dead Eye starts developing traits of the stag he bonded his skin with and soon the Goddess they thought they worshiped possessed him. Only, the Reaper Goddess isn’t who they thought, he is much older with a more familiar name.

If the death doesn’t bother you, this is still an interesting and well written book, it’s just much darker than the first one so be prepared for that.

My studio is a mess because most of my stuff was moved to my store, so I don’t have full access to everything I need. When I do I will take a proper picture!

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