“Wondrous Strange” by Lesley Livingston

I’m on a huge faerie kick right now. Most of the YA books I have borrowed are faeries instead of Vampires (seems the trends are shifting), and we started watching Carnival Row. So, when I picked up another book about faeries, I was quite happy. I feel like I should apologize …

In the beginning the characters seemed kind of flat and “blank canvas” but through the book they somewhat gain a personality. Kelley, our heroine, has moved to New York to attempt a career as an actress. She lands the role of understudy, that turns to lead when the original actress sprains her ankle. After her first horrible run through, she heads to the park to practice. Enter Sonny, the mysterious and handsome Janus (guardian of faerie gates) who notices Kelley has a weird spark in his vision. After a quick conversation he gives her a rose and disappears. Kelley wanders for a while, hoping to catch up to her handsome stranger and thank him properly for the rose. Instead of the Janus, she finds a horse in distress trapped in the cold November waters.

The first book in the series delves into the four courts of faerie, faerie beasts, kings, queens, and the wild hunt.

There were a few things in the book I didn’t expect, but for the most part it was predictable. But for some reason, that didn’t make it less enjoyable. Kelley’s situation is so off the wall (she ends up with a horse in her bathtub) at times that you can’t help but want to keep reading to find out what will happen next.

These faeries aren’t your Tinkerbell type, which I’m enjoying as the next trend. It’s a teen book and a really quick and easy read. But as something enjoyable and a little mindless, this is perfect.

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