“Flight from Death” by Yasmine Galenorn

Our books are still in a little box in the closet, so when I finished the last one it was basically reach in and grab the next. Hand landed on this one, saw the “first in a new series” on the cover and said “Good enough!”.

I have an odd relationship with Galenorns’ writing. It isn’t exciting or fast paced, yet they are still interesting enough to keep my attention. And even throughout she rides that safe line. Interesting and fun, but doesn’t push too hard. Though it does make for a nice easy read, when you want to shut your brain off and just enjoy the ride. Its enough that I get excited when I come across her books.

This one in particular is a little odd. It is the beginning of a new series, but an off-shoot from her regular series. It’s called “fly by night” and is apparently an offshoot from her “Otherworld” series. That is where a small issue arises. I think this series is written on the assumption you have read Otherworld. So there is a lot of references in the book that I don’t know if they are from the Otherworld series, or just character building. Galenorn tends to jump right into the middle of a story, and build from there. Even the last book of hers that I read felt like I was missing something, but I think that is just her writing style. She builds on it and explains little bits at a time, which helps keep you going through the story because you are slowly learning about your characters.

This series in particular follows the character Shimmer, who is a blue dragon exiled from her home world. “Supe’s” as they call themselves (I hate when shows/books use this term, it sounds ridiculous. It sounds like you’re calling each other soup) are out in the open, for the most part, but the balance between them and the humans is rocky. So they keep to themselves, quiet and unassuming. There are hate groups, but so far they are mostly just referenced. Once again, I don’t know if more of that is explored in the Otherworld series. Shimmer belongs to the Fly by Night magical investigation group and they are sent out to investigate a haunting. The haunted building belongs to a friend of the Fly by Night owner, Alex. Patrick has a rocky relationship with Alex, they were friends when Patrick was alive but Alex refused to turn him. Forgot to mention, yes, Alex is a vampire and so is Patrick. After being introduced to a frigging dragon, a vampire love interest felt a little bit of a let down.

The house that is haunted is supposed to be a supernatural B&B, but since the renovations started weird things have been happening, some destructive and dangerous. Shimmer’s first run in with the entity was when she was trying to put her clothes into a dresser and had the drawer slammed on her hand and her clothes then tossed back at her. Eerie voices, poltergeist activity, and a very long history of death surround the unassuming house.

I am truly enjoying the book, I can blow through a hundred pages and not even realize it. Her writing is slow paced, but thorough. And this book CAN be read without knowledge of the Otherworld series, but it might help a little bit to have that knowledge.

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