“Every Last Lie” by Mary Kubica

One day I was scrolling through Overdrive trying to find a new audiobook to listen to. The yellow cover caught my eye, and I remembered that I have a few other books by this author on my bookshelf unread, so I decided to give this one a shot and see what I thought about the author’s writing.

Clara Solberg seems to have it all; a beautiful 4 year old daughter named Maisie, a newborn son, and Nick, her handsome husband that would do anything for her. Her world is shattered when Nick dies tragically in a car crash, with their daughter in the backseat, who is amazingly unharmed. The crash is deemed an accident, a direct result of Nick driving too fast, but when Maisie starts having nightmares and crying about a black car and “the bad man”, Clara starts to question whether it really was just an accident, or if Nick was run off the road.

Clara becomes obsessed with finding out what happened that evening, and starts to uncover secrets that Nick had been hiding from her. Life was not as perfect as it seemed. How well did Clara really know her husband? Could someone have wanted him dead?

On top of everything going on with Clara after Nick’s death, things are not going well for Clara’s parents. Her mother is suffering from dementia, and her father is trying to take care of her, as well as Clara and the kids. Things seem to be going missing around the house, and her mom’s dementia is the most likely reason. But what if something else is going on and there is another reason for things going missing? Clara gets caught up in trying to solve this mystery as well.

The story is told in multiple points of view, which I always love. I took a suggestion from one of my Facebook groups and listened to the audiobook at a speed of x1.5, so I was able to listen to it in a shorter period of time, and it has been a game changer for my audio reading. I liked how the book shed a light on grieving, how it is so easy to stop eating and sleeping, and how the mind can wander and twist things to try and make things make sense.

I was somewhat disappointed in the story. I found it kind of slow and lacking suspense. For a story that started with a car accident, I anticipated more action, but the story was more character driven, and I just didn’t connect with the characters. I found Clara rather annoying and whiny, and Nick wasn’t overly likeable either. He dug himself a hole, and created bigger, somewhat unbelievable problems, and lied to his wife. I found the characters just bland, predictable, and kind of boring. Clara’s father seemed the most relatable, yet I found that entire arc of the story somewhat pointless and unnecessary, and didn’t have anything to do with the main plot of the story. It felt like the author was reaching a bit, trying to fill out the pages. Kubica seems to be a rather well loved author, but I am unsure how I feel about the author right now.

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