“Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight” by M.E. Thomas

When I first introduced myself to you, our lovely readers, I gave warning that I would be dipping my toe into the taboo here and there. Today we dive right into one of the lesser known sides of mental health with a memoir written by M.E. Thomas detailing her diagnosis and the impact her sociopathy has on her life. I should note that there are a few instances where violent thought is mentioned but fear not, these moments are few and far in between and do not result in actual violence.

Thomas provides unique insight into what it means to be a sociopath that doesn’t quite fit the bill of what you imagine when you hear the term. She is not a criminal, nor a murderer. She is one of the countless sociopaths that live among us every day completely undetected. Thomas is particularly unique because she is the first (that she knows of) to seek out diagnosis by her own free will, and the first to publish anything like this book.

What I find most interesting is the clear impact it has on every factor in her life right down to her writing style. Each chapter seems to be the perfect length; she writes eloquently but avoids filler information entirely. Every piece of this book is carefully calculated to optimize the readers experience and ability to absorb the information being given. Thomas found an excellent balance between relaying facts based on extensive research and connecting it with her own experiences. I believe it is her sociopathy that allows her to write in such a fashion; with no need for an emotional response from her reader she is free to write exactly what she intends to write, no fluff necessary.

As someone who has lived with a sociopath it is incredibly interesting to take a look at things from the other side. Her lack of bias in her retellings allows the reader to connect her explanations to similar experiences they’ve had with other sociopaths. Thomas reports that it’s estimated 1 to 4 percent of the population is sociopathic. If you have ever suspected that you or someone you know may be a sociopath this is an excellent place to start. With notes on everything from her first signs during childhood to maintaining adult friendships with empaths.

Confessions of a Sociopath provides an incredible opportunity for understanding that is seldom an option when it comes to mental health anomalies.

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