“Fair Game” by Patricia Briggs

Working at the Book Store, I saw her books a lot. But, like most female authors, I was hesitant to pick it up. I just stuck the name in the back of my mind and moved on. A few weekends ago friends of ours took us antiquing because I’ve been looking for a few things to help with my Art business, and I wandered into a booth that had hardcover books for $2.50, and paperbacks for $1.50. A lot of it was stuff I already had, but many, many books were the authors I stuck in the back of my mind to read down the road. I’m not going to miss the chance to try a new author (or finish off some started collections) for less than $3 each!

With moving, most of our books are packed. We had initially planned on packing, and then moving into a place and unpacking (as you do). Well, that didn’t happen so all the boxes ended up in storage. So, I’m reliant on the new books we have been picking up lately …luckily that’s a lot. So, once I finished the last book I figured it was good timing to start one of the female authors I’m nervous about!

Thus, Patricia Briggs. The only problem with this is the books available were all over the series, nothing in order, so I believe ‘Fair Game’ is book 4 in the Alpha and Omega Novels, so I don’t have a lot of history on the characters and I am a LITTLE confused.

The story is structured in a way that even though I know nothing about these characters or the previous adventures, I’m not completely confused. The struggles between characters are explained enough that I understand where it’s coming from, even if I don’t know the original event being discussed. So, even though I’m starting four books in, I can still enjoyed it. There is enough history and descriptions littered throughout that I can figure out who everyone is.

Anna, our main character (and I believe of the previous books as well), is a Werewolf, and in this book, Werewolves have gone public. Other creatures have been outed as well, so it’s interesting to see the local law enforcement trying to get along with Werewolves and cooperate with their law of the land, so to speak.

Anna is trying to get the leader of their pack to go easy on his son, who is Anna’s husband (this might be spoilery for the earlier books, I’m sorry) and the pack’s enforcer. Werewolves clean up a lot of their own messes so as not to scare the humans. There are many laws trying to be passed about whether they are citizen or animal, and they don’t want to upset the balance they have with the government and law. To distract him, they are sent to deal with the FBI and several other government groups to consult on a string of murders that have recently included 3 werewolves.

I read a lot of books in this style – I am a sucker for a good paranormal fic. But, because I have read so many, I’m starting to notice trends. This book also has some of them. Though, there wasn’t the right-off-the-bat girl hate that a lot of authors implement to make their own character seem better. This rose that book up in my mind. But, I get tired of the super tiny and delicate heroine. This book has that. Though, Anna does play on it because she knows people will underestimate her because of her stature. She is strong, will fight for her partner, and stand up to the pack leader when necessary. So I can’t fault her too much. She’s not a man with boobs, or the YA super-heroine, she’s in that grey area of decently written female.

For a new author I was worried about, the book turned out to be interesting. I’m glad I grabbed a few of her other books (from other series) because I am interested to read those now too.

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