“Twisted Prey” by John Sandford

This is the 28th installment in John Sandford’s Prey series, and this time our hero, Lucas Davenport, faces an old foe. Taryn Grant was first seen in Silken Prey, and she is back trying to kill her way to the White House. She is rich, she is a psychopath, and thanks to her job with the Senate Intelligence Committee, she has a military contact with ex Special Forces friends. Taryn targets Senator Porter Smalls, where she attempts to have him killed in a car accident. Smalls survives, though his lover does not. The accident looks just like, well, an accident. There is no evidence that anything else could have happened, the driver simply just lost control. Smalls calls Lucas in to investigate, and prove his life is on the line.

This particular installment is standard Sandford. You have to give the man props. I am sure it is not easy to keep the story fresh and fun after 28 books! Yet Sandford is able to continuously come up with new material and new ideas, all while bringing into the story previous characters, even if for small roles. I particularly like how our main character develops as the series grows, with Lucas now getting older, and struggling to realize he cannot do everything anymore, even calling for help rather than risk fighting for his life. I struggle sometimes with the various levels of government in the story, since I am Canadian and do not fully understand the US system, but Sandford’s stories are still accessible enough for us non US folks as well.

Sandford is one of my favourite summer reads. I love how we the readers get to see both angles of the story, Davenport’s and our bad guy’s perspectives, and watch as they dance their way to an action packed ending. I love Sandford’s writing, his humour, his continual character development, and his way of bringing the reader along for the ride. You know exactly what you are getting; a good, fast paced, easy read that leaves you wanting more!

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