“Lenore: Pink Bellies” by Roman Dirge

I received this gem as a Samhain gift this year and found it too delightful not to share. Readers beware, this cute little graphic novel is not for children. Get ready for the adorable, disturbing, amusing, and confusing tales of Lenore. Lenore is an undead little girl. She resides in the house she grew up in prior to her death with her companions Pooty (a demon with a bucket head) and Ragamuffin (a vampire that has been cursed into a ragdoll). We are presented with four stories of their strange antics and along the way meet Taxen-Ra, an Egyptian god whose purpose is to protect Lenore.
As our characters take on ghost hunters, gods, and other foes we’re treated to a balance of action and dark humour. I’m certain not many could make me laugh at a pickle hat brought to life in the midst of a violent battle, but all of the chaos seems to tie together quite nicely. Roman Dirge’s art work certainly seems Tim Burton inspired, something I can always get behind (he has inspired much of my own artwork; a great muse of lovers of the adorably macabre). It’s worth noting that Mr. Dirge is responsible for all illustrations and writing, something usually done by a team of people nowadays. It’s clear to me just how much love and attention went into making these books, right down to the quality of hardcover used instead of the paperback format we would usually see for a book of this size. Koodos to you sir!
Lenore: Pink Bellies is a compilation of stories but the original comics can be found to order online, I will certainly be doing so myself!

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