“Genesis: vision of the new world” by D. Ellis Overttun

This is the second book in the series that an Author has sent us. I reviewed the first one a little while ago. This book took longer than I intended simply because my ereader hates me. First, it wouldn’t open the file. So I re-downloaded it and tried again. Still wouldn’t open. I was about to email the author and let him know my issue, when I fiddled with the ereader a bit and got the file working. Fabulous. Went to read it the next night, and it was dead. By then I was already into another book, so I charged my ereader closer to when I was done the book. Finally I could start the book, and about 200 pages in it started to freeze. And would remain frozen for days, or until I plugged it into the computer. That added much more time than usual. So I’m sorry this took forever to get around to!

This is a continuation into the world Overttun created. Instead of following the Celesti, this book is broken up between the Gendu, the Celesti, and now a new humanoid species known as Orangs. I actually found the stuff to do with the Gendu and the Orang’s more interesting than the stuff with the Celesti. We get to see more about the Gendu religion when one of their temples randomly explodes and the Celesti and the Gendu have to quietly work together to figure out what happened. The explosion may be linked to the Jo’el and his experiments.

There are many new characters, a broader look at the world, and a little history that explains why this sounds like earth, but isn’t. Jo’el is still looking into the problems he found with the Universe, and how the trip changed the ship and himself. This book is a joining of religion and science, and Overttun recently sent me a interview he did with a different blog that really explained why the series was created.

You can read it here, it was a fabulous article! https://ontheshelfreviews.wordpress.com/2018/11/15/bookspotlight-qa-universe-awakening-by-d-ellis-overttun-sci-fi/

You can tell there has been an improvement in his writing, there were some scenes I got so absorbed I didn’t realize I had zoned out until 50 pages later. The writing is still very passive, but that improvement usually comes with continuing to read and write. My biggest complaint would be the use of ‘said’. Overttun has a tendency to use “said in -a tone of voice-” instead of finding a word that means just that.

The writing is a little ‘wordy’ …which sounds stupid of me to say because writing is words, but there can be too many words. I skipped entire pages of a character talking to a computer. The entire thing could have been eliminated and the reader would still understand what’s happening. Entire sentences that could have been reduced to two or three words. Once again, that comes with practice.

Though, I will admit, the entire time reading it, all I could think of was how much fun this would be to turn into a comic. Overttun is a technical writer, so it really reads like a script. Which would actually make it easier to turn into story boards because you literally see what the writer does, instead of leaving room for the readers brain to fill in the gaps.

I do enjoy this series, and I was really excited to hear that he was getting further into the history of his world. I’m excited to see where it will go and how his talents will improve!

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