Introducing a new member!

Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce myself as the third member of the Book Hole team.

Books were truly love at first sight for me. I learned to read before I was in preschool and hit the ground running from there. I had no patience for childrens books and quickly advanced into the world of
novels, and in the fifth grade I discovered my very first Stephen King novel, ‘Hearts in Atlantis’. To say this
was a pivitol moment in my life would be greatly understating it. Since that day I have collected nearly all of his published works ( I believe my collection currently sits at roughly 62 titles), and he has shaped my
taste for reading to be what it is today.

As you would expect I read a fair amount of psychological thrillers and that in large will be my genre of choice here. I will however also be dabbling in mystery, horror, romance, and a few classics here and there. I will without a doubt be the hardest critic here but you can be sure that I will be as honest as I am blunt, and firmly believe in giving credit for talent where it’s due. It’s important that I note here that I am not afraid to delve into titles that would be considered taboo. Since these topics may impact you, the
reader, clear trigger warnings will be provided for such topics.

As far as my identity goes you may all call me Lilith. I’m very pleased to make your unofficial acquaintances and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you! Happy reading lovelies!

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