“The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily” by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan


AsteriaIconThe second installment in the romance of Dash and Lily picks up roughly about a year after the previous book, and things are not all sunshine and rainbows between our title characters. Lily is very distracted, and does not seem to have time for Dash. Her grandfather had a heart attack and had taken a fall, and she has taken on the duty of taking care of him and volunteering at the resource centre he gets treatment at. They seem to be growing very distant, and just cannot seem to connect.

Lily just is not concerned with Christmas at all this year, which is of deep concern to her brother. She is forgetting all of the family traditions, like the tree lighting gathering, and when she puts it together quickly, she accidentally invites both of Dash’s divorced parents, which makes things very awkward. Dash just does not understand what is going on with Lily, and Lily seems to be misreading everything Dash does. Lily actually tries to break up with Dash, who refuses. Can they sort things out and fix their relationship, get their own version of a Christmas miracle, or are they doomed?

I found this cute, but not as good as Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares. I know Lily was to be going through a phase and dealing with real world bigger issues, and it is written for the reader to really feel her frustration, but she just came off more like a spoiled brat to me. Lily was whiny and irritating, and her behaviour had no consistency. If your 16 year old character can run away from home and fake her identity, I am pretty sure she can use the world “fuck” instead of “Fudge” when something doesn’t go her way. The book had a few cute moments, but it was just a meh book for me, and I am not sure if I would listen to another one of their stories given the opportunity. The characters overall just didn’t seem as true to themselves as they had in the previous book. Plus I think my favourite part of the Dares book was the Moleskin element, which this was lacking.

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