“Staked” by Kevin Hearne


I have a severe love-hate relationship with this series. I always seem to start the book with hope, and finish reading it out of spite.

Since I’m like 8 into the series, I can’t rag on it too much. I know I’m also starting in the middle of the series, but I did just finish it so its fresh in my mind.

I think the part of the series that keeps me going is the mythology. Atticus is a 2000 year old Druid with ties to every Pantheon. Through the whole series Hearne brings in new Pantheons and Faith’s and gives a very interesting look (like Jesus not holding the same form because everyone who worships him pictures him differently) at how they would work in the modern era, and how they would work together. And Hearne doesn’t just keep to the most common religions, he delves into ones from all over the world. Zoryas, Orisha’s, and everything in between. This part I find fascinating because mythology has always been my weakness. And outside of gods, Hearne also covers mythical creatures. So his worlds are very broad.

All the books are told from Atticus’ point of view, at least the earlier ones. Every new character that joins with Atticus gets their own point of view. This book especially has Granuaile – his apprentice, and Owen – his old teacher. This is good and bad, one, it gives me a break from Atticus (I will get to that in a minute), but because he’s now following three completely independent stories, each one feels like stretched out filler until they get together at the end of the book and relocate the plot.

Atticus, through much of his own fault, has agreed to rid vampires out of most of the world. Granuaile first has to remove the mark of Loki, then go to the Polish witches to find a cloak to hide from any god looking for her, but for them to work with her she has to find a magical horse (she has the most stuff to do in this book, it feels like I read two books of hers compared to the others). Owen is trying to build a brand new Druid Grove in America.

Atticus is what I refer to as the ‘well-meaning f*ck-up’. He might MEAN well when he does something, but it always goes wrong and usually ends with someone getting killed (this is the most common protagonist trope and I’m getting really tired of it). With the involvement of Deities and creatures, it becomes a HUGE cock-up. In the beginning Atticus was just mildly annoying, but the further we go through the series it seems the worse his character gets. Granuaile was an interesting character when she didn’t have her own point of view. She’s a kick ass ginger of Irish decent who wanted to become a druid to get back at her abusive step-father (he owned an oil company and was destroying the earth). When they started to write her chapters she became just as annoying as Atticus. Owen on the other hand actually became way more interesting once we got his chapters. He didn’t get to live through the ages like Atticus, he woke up 2000 years later and has to learn about this new wild and dangerous modern era. I loved Owens chapters, he’s a crotchety old man in the body of a 40-year-old, hangs out with werewolves, and mildly hates Atticus. So far he also doesn’t have an irritating pet he is mentally linked to. He is the second reason I’ve continued reading the books; and Hearne really makes sure to cover what it would be like to literally be dropped into the 21st century. Things we don’t think about like paper money, clothing, and social media, Owen has to go through it all.

These books are basically the complete opposite reason why I read Cassandra Clare. Her books I read for the characters, but find the story lines boring. This series I read for the plots and story lines, and I can’t stand most of the characters.

The books are mostly in the house because my boyfriend loves them. I don’t actively seek them out and might only read one a year, but I still read them and I still laugh at some of the antics and dialogue. They are mildly interesting, and I get a kick out of everyone kicking the crap out of Atticus. They are a super quick read, and for what it is, they are enjoyable.

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