“Hardcore Twenty Four” by Janet Evanovich


asteriaiconI really go back and forth with how I feel about this series, yet here I am, still reading it. I have to say it makes a great series to read at the beach though. I find them to be super-fast, non-thinky reads, something you can just relax and go along for the ride, laugh out loud weird situations, and put down at any point. I just wish there was some character development.

In this particular installment, headless bodies keep popping up all over town and Stephanie Plum is on the hunt to find the killer. In the meantime she is babysitting a capture’s boa, and hunting bail jumpers. Diesel is back in town hunting something on his own, crashing at Stephanie’s place. Oh …and there is the matter of zombies being sited around town as well.

There really isn’t much I can add that I have not already said before in previous reviews. There is still no character development, no definitive choice or romantic interest, though I do think it is leaning more one way than another. Still, no great writing, but I can still chuckle with it. I do still like finding names mentioned in the Burg that resemble businesses in my home town. Having said all of that, there is also no politics, minimal technology, and minimal pop culture references. It is a cookie cutter, you know exactly what you are going to get; a nice, simple, think-free read. Perhaps in today’s climate the series really is the perfect read!

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