“Soul Catchers” by Tony Moyle


asteriaiconSoul Catchers is the second book in Tony Moyle’s How to Survive the Afterlife series. I reviewed the first book, The Limpet Syndrome last year. The story followed John Hewson, a man who passed away in a car accident, and whose soul is now neutral, neither heaven nor hell bound. To determine where his soul is to go, he must capture Sandy Logan, a soul who has managed to escape the soul catcher and must be brought in or risk the destruction of the universe.

In the newest installment, John has disappeared. His soul has scattered, and a part is on Earth, and a part is in a rodent, and he is being sought out by Satan himself, as well as demons and dead dictators. Sandy is still in in the wind as well, stuck in the body of a plastic pigeon. He takes advantage of hell being turned upside down in pursuit of John, and attempts to change hell for his benefit.

The novel started out slow for me; however it really started to pick up about halfway through. I found this installment easier to read since I had a better understanding of what the novel was about and accustomed to the satirical humour. The book provided a lot of interesting and zany humour, and examines life’s big questions – like what happens when we die. The concepts of heaven and hell and souls are still hard for me to really wrap my head around, but it has gotten easier over time with this book. I do still think the book is a little outside of my comfort zone of mystery and teen fiction, but I did enjoy the book nonetheless.  I do commend Moyle for providing a good reminder of what happened in the first novel, which I found particularly helpful!

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