asteriaiconI am so so so late in posting this, and I am so sorry!!!  I am finally getting the summer @VIBOOKCRATE unboxing posted right before the fall box is released!!

I really enjoyed the book box I had received at Christmas time last year, but unfortunately the owner of the business had shut down. I have been looking for another book box to give a try since, and happened to stumble on this on Instagram one day. I particularly wanted a company that shipped within Canada specifically, mainly because the cost of shipping from the US is so high, and by the time you do the dollar exchange, it becomes crazy expensive, and ultimately not worth the value. Please note, I in no way was endorsed to review this box, it is simply one book lover’s opinion on something I wanted to try!

VIBookcrate has 2 separate boxes that she sells. There is a monthly subscription box you can get for kids aged 8-12, as well as a seasonal box for adults that contain one adult fiction book and one YA fiction book. The boxes are carefully cultivated with a few items to match the overall theme of the book/season. I decided to try the summer seasonal box after I saw a spoiler or two on Instagram.

I received a very simple white box; very clean, very mysterious! The first thing you see when the box is opened is the nice summery yellow tissue paper, and a guide to the box with the theme of “Summer Days and Summer Nights”.


The books themselves seem very interesting (I admit I have not gotten a chance to read them just yet). The adult fiction book is The Book of Lost and Found by Lucy Foley, and the YA novel is a collection of short stories called Summer Days and Summer Nights by a variety of authors, many very well known.

There was quite a bit of fun things to go along with the books in the box, and they were very well thought out! There was a lovely tote bag, a beautiful “currently reading” bookmark that is Instagram worthy, a yummy smelling toasted marshmallow candle, some water flavouring crystals in strawberry lemonade flavour, and a beautiful little vial of sand from Tofino.


After trying the delicious water flavouring powders, I actually ended up buying a HUGE box from the company. They are so yummy, are convenient to carry around, and come in a ton of flavours!


I have to admit it was the candle that persuaded me to buy the box …who doesn’t love toasted marshmallow!! It is a beautiful little candle and smells divine! My favourite thing in the box though was the little vial of sand from Tofino, British Columbia. It was such a nice and unique touch. I have never been to B.C. before, and would love to go one day, and it definitely fit into the whole beach/summer theme! I think I am going to end up stealing this idea, and collect little vials of sand from places I travel to, I just found it such a lovely idea!!

Everything was well thought out, the products are usable items that fit within the summer theme, and the books look like very interesting reads. This was an amazing box; I am in love with everything in it, and have already bought a fall box haha! They are definitely worth the price!! Go check out VIBOOKCRATE on Instagram or Facebook to see some great photos of books and book box content. If you are interested in purchasing a box, I was even able to find promo codes from their book box reps on Instagram to save 10%.

One thought on “VIBOOKCRATE Unboxing

  1. Thank you for the AWESOME review! I am so glad you liked it 🙂 🙂
    I have to admit that the sand from Tofino was the brilliant idea from my husband! We have jars of sand and rocks all over our house from different places we go!

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