“If You Ask Me (and of Course You Won’t)” by Betty White


asteriaiconI LOVE me some Betty White: who doesn’t!? I grew up watching her on Golden Girls, and the countless other appearances she has made on television shows and commercials. I can’t imagine a world without Betty White!  The audiobook became available, and I burned through it in a morning one day. It is really quite a quick listen, and the Betts reads it herself.

I loved learning all of the things that make her awesome. She started on television when TV was just becoming a thing, and her first regular show she appeared on was Hollywood on Television, where she made $50 per week. But her real passion is animals, and as a child she wanted to become a forest ranger or a zoo keeper, something that just wasn’t done by women at that time, which is sad and frustrating. She was, however, made an honorary forest ranger by the United States Forest Service. Despite her many years in acting, she still has stage fright, something she never got over, and loves to write, preferring to write long hand over using a computer.  She likes puzzles and games, and keeps a stack of crosswords around at all times. She has rooms dedicated to stuffed animals, and even talks to them and introduces new ones to each other!

Betty talks a lot about being in Hollywood, what it is like being on award shows and how much she loathes the red carpet, what it was like being on shows such as Hot in Cleveland, Golden Girls, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the movie The Proposal.  She also discusses reasons why she may turn down roles, what it is like to receive letters from fans, what interviewing is like, and her appearance on Saturday Night Live. But the real magic to me was when she discussed her love of animals. You could hear that love in her voice, and it was just so genuine. She discussed meeting a horse named Butterscotch, a beluga whale named Beethoven, and the amazing gorilla Koko.

It was so nice to get a sneak peek behind the curtain that is the amazing Betty White. I think the only sad thing for me was that it didn’t have the humour in it that she is so well known for. Still, it was fun to get to know her a little bit more, and I can appreciate how far her career has gone, how hard she had to work as a woman in Hollywood. She really did pave the way for modern television, and women’s roles in Hollywood.

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