“The Colour of Magic” by Terry Pratchett


artemisiconI didn’t know about this series until I started working in the book store and saw that the series nearly had an entire shelf in its own! I kept looking at it, mostly because the covers are amazing, but the sheer size of the series was daunting (it’s 41 books!).  I had a couple people tell me it was an amazing series, and absolutely hilarious. That intrigued me and turned me off at the same time. I have a very peculiar sense of humor, so when people start comment about the humor of it I always get wary because I find most humor annoying and unbearable. It wasn’t until a coworker told me how hilarious it was, and he and I had a similar sense of humor.  When I moved to a new city with my boyfriend and we started buying books on a regular basis, I asked for this one (and got it for Christmas).

Sir Terry Pratchett did pass away March 12, 2015, and he will be missed. Many authors paid tribute to him, as well as some video games. Even actors felt his passing. Sean Astin was crushed by his passing; having read his books and worked with him in the Mini-series recreation of The Colour of Magic. Sir Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers and passed of natural causes. My heart goes out to his family, and even though it’s been almost 2 years, losing a loved one doesn’t get easier.

He created a vivid and amazing world with his Discworld series and I recommend that everyone read this series (as well as his other books). Keep his worlds alive.

Now that I’m done crying. (I apologize if my writing is a little off today, I do have a cold so I feel like I’m looking through a fish-bowl)

I was literally hooked within a few sentences of the prologue. He opens with the creation of his world; Discworld is a flat circle propped on the backs of four elephants that ride on the back of a giant turtle named A’Tuin. Yep, you heard me right.

It is a fantasy based world with dragons and small dirty towns, Wizards, Gods, and my favorite character – Death (who is voiced in the mini-series by Sir Christopher Lee, who sadly also passed away June 7, 2015).

This book is centred around the failed Wizard Rincewind.  He is unable to remember any spells …save one. But you’ll have to read the second book to find out the full extend of that!

Our for a drink one day Rincewind meets a stranger with a very loose grasp of their language who also insists on selling them all “inn-sewer-ants”. The stranger, Twoflower, is on vacation with his multi-legged trunk filled with gold (a trunk that also follows him obediently and will eat anyone who tries to mug him). The trunk is filled with more gold than most people in Ankh-Morpork had ever seen, but in the Empire Twoflower came from, it was barely enough for one man to survive on for a month. He wanted adventure and danger, and brought his handy camera (with a little gremlin speed-painting inside) to document his travels. He hires Rincewind to show him around the town.

This doesn’t sound like much, but Sir Terry Pratchett has a way of taking a simple thing and wording it in such a way that it becomes hilarious. The world he creates is so rich and his humor is actually funny. Like the mythical eighth colour, Octarine, and because of how mystical the number 8 is in that world, no one is allowed to say it. So you often get “7 plus 1” conversations.

I can’t even scratch the surface of this story. It’s basically a “Twoflower don’t do the thing! Twoflower does the thing and hijinks ensue!” story, but that takes away from how hilarious is actually is. They basically end up on a giant D&D-esque quest with barbarians, magical talking swords, dragon riders, and Death and Deities trying to interfere.

The thing about the Discworld series is there are smaller series within. This book is Discworld #1, Rincewind #1; the second book, the Light Fantastic, is Discworld #1, Rincewind #2, but the third book in the series is Discworld #3, Witches #1. So the series is really about the entire world, not 40+ books following the hijinks of one person. The books I have read so far do overlap, so it still feels like you’re in the same world (not just joined by flying turtles). It is definitely a series you’ll want to read close together, since there are multiple story-lines happening throughout. It fleshes out the world, so you learn more about the lore and the different kinds of magic and about the different types of people in the world.

I am sadly only 3 books into the series (for a while my local bookstore didn’t have the trade’s in …I think they were republishes, so they were coming out slowly) and I hate switching covers and sizes throughout a series, so I had to keep waiting for the new ones. Yeah, I’m one of those people.

I recommend this series to anyone who wants to laugh their asses off, yet still follow along on a great journey through an incredibly detailed and well thought-out world!


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