samsquinchIconHello, you do not know me as of yet. I am new to blogging . On this blog I go by the name Samsquinch (that’s just a funny play on the Bigfoot name Sasquatch, but I just find it a funny word and enjoy saying it as much as possible).

I love to read and have for many years, however I am not a fast reader, so it may be a while between posts. The type of books that I enjoy reading are Sci-Fi, Fiction , Post Apocalyptic, and occasionally outdoors or survival type books.

I started reading at a young age (Archie comics to be exact) and I found it a great escape. Venturing of the the wilderness with Gary Paulson’s ‘Hatchet’ (a book I highly recommend for any young man), or into the past with Jack Whyte, and so many others. The draw to those far off places and adventures still continues to this day.

Oh, and I am one of those readers that not only loves to read but loves to discuss books. Also, I try very hard to NOT break the spine and never have I “dog-eared” a book . Books have always traveled with me; to school, on camping trips, on vacations and even now to work on a daily basis.

So anyway, That’s just a little about me, I look forward to blogging about the books I read, hopefully you find them as interesting as I did.

I may update or add to this in the future, but thank you for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy the blog.

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