“Furiously Happy”by Jenny Lawson


asteriaiconPlease excuse the general photo of the book, but I wasn’t thinking clearly and accidentally deleted the photo I had taken.

I really enjoy reading Jenny Lawson’s books. They are filled with funny and honest stories about her everyday life. She will make you laugh, she will make you cry, she will make you shake your head at her crazy antics!

Furiously Happy is her honest take on her life battling anxiety and depression. It looks at how it affects her, how she thinks, how she handles various situations, how it affects her family, and what she will tell her daughter one day about her mental illness. But she also has stories about just her everyday life. Simple funny ramblings about things that happen to her, or decisions she has to make, conversations with her husband, or her trying to take pictures of her taxidermy animals.

I always encourage people to read books about anxiety and depression to help them understand what it is really like to live with a mental illness. While I have never sought medical treatment, I too suffer from anxiety and depression, and know all too well how hard it can be. It took a long time, but I had to learn how to manage it, and had to make some really tough choices, including cutting ties with people I considered friends for years, though ultimately they brought me down. I had to find what works for me, what keeps me calm, what keeps the voices of depression at bay, and what makes me happy….furiously happy!

The beautiful thing about Lawson’s writing is it makes you feel…normal…that it is okay to live with a mental illness. She makes you feel so much less alone. Also, she too is a self-proclaimed introvert, which made me connect to her story that much more! I found my people! There are so many others like you with varying degrees of mental illness, and we need to help each other through life’s hurdles, and end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

My only critique about the book is I wish she had talked MORE about mental illness. When she talked about depression and anxiety, she was so insightful and honest, and those were the moments I enjoyed most in her book. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the rest of it, I just wish there had been more. Still, it is a really good book and something I would recommend. Also, I seriously love the raccoon(s)!

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