“Turbo Twenty Three” by Janet Evanovich


For those that have not read Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, this review probably won’t mean a whole lot for you, but I will give a quick synopses of the series. The series follows Stephanie Plum, a female bounty hunter, through her various escapades as she tries to apprehend people who skipped out on bail. She is notorious for blowing up cars, crashing funeral homes, never carrying a loaded weapon, and getting kidnapped. She lives in Trenton, New Jersey where everybody knows each other, works for her cousin in a bond office, and forever within a love triangle between her, a cop and security enforcer. There is a whole slew of supporting characters, such as her gun toting grandma Mazur, her parents, her ex hooker best friend/partner Lula, and even her pet hamster Rex.

If you have not already guessed from the title, this is number twenty three in the series. This particular book follows Stephanie as she tries to solve the murder of an employee at the Bogart Ice Cream factory, after he was found in an ice cream truck frozen and dipped in chocolate.  Stephanie has to help her occasional employer and occasional lover Ranger by working in the ice cream factory, as well as its biggest competitor’s factory, in hopes of getting an idea of who committed the crime.  As the story progresses, more murders occur, she is continuously put in danger, all the while trying to stop Lula from making a video for a potential TV show…naked.

I love reading Evanovich’s books because they are fast and I don’t have to think…it’s my fluff read. I read a review once where someone compared her books to McDonalds…not the best, but fast and gets the job done. Living in a community with a large Italian population, I love reading the street names or businesses, or even character names, that resemble places or people here in town.  I find the books fun to read, and don’t take them seriously.

The downside to her stories is by book twenty three I kind of expect some character development. Pick a dude, get married, have a kid…something…ANYTHING! I know some authors go with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality, and since she is on book twenty three it clearly is working for her, but give us something, some form of character development. She has teased in the last few books where the character has a revelation about her situation and you think FINALLY…and then nothing happens. It irks me, but still not enough to stop reading the books. I just have to know what is going to happen, and how long this hamster will survive!

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