artemisiconTrying to keep the twitter up to date, so feel free to follow us there for updates! @thebookhole1

Asteria and I no longer live in the same city, so she does the pictures for her own books. That’s why her reviews will look a little different than mine. Which is awesome!

I am working on more avatar pictures for Asteria, and a potential other reviewer. Being an artist it makes sense to me (and is super fun) to have avatars to tell our posts apart, as opposed to just writing our names at the end. So lots of changes are still happening, and I’m still slowly transferring everything over.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but this blog is updated every THURSDAY! So stay tuned every Thursday for reviews!

And we are always, ALWAYS, open to book suggestions! (I think that’s how we got into this, actually) Leave a comment or a like, or message us on twitter!

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  1. Chris Bowron says:


    I think we just followed each other on twitter. I’m always eager to have my book Devil in the Grass reviewed. It is a published book. I have an agent and am in the process of seeking a bigger publisher for that one.

    Anyway, I can be contacted at

    Site- Christopher

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