Blog updates!

artemisiconSince I have a lot of projects on the go I’ve had to schedule out my time. I’ve scheduled Thursdays for working on this blog. So right now I’m just updating graphics and pictures so they’re more personal (and pretty) and I will be adding actual reviews!

Doing small photo shoots for my books also reminds me how sorely my personal library is lacking. Many of the books I reviewed I did so while working, so I never actually owned the books. They do say hind sight is 20-20. That just means I will have to start building up my library to provide you guys with better images. That’s fine by me, my boyfriend made me more shelf space, it’s just that it will take a little time, so some of the images may be lacking.

It will get there, I promise. Eventually.

I have a few other ideas for this blog in mind, so they’ll be fun to see how it goes.

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