“The Infernal Devices” by Cassandra Clare


Cassandra Clare doesn’t win the award for best story-teller, but there is something about her characters that keeps me coming back. She makes her characters seem so real it’s like you’re sitting beside them as they tell you the worlds most boring story, but you feel everything they do. Their emotions became mine, and then I finished the book it was like I turned and walked away from one of my greatest friends. Opening the next book was like letting that friend walk back into my life. Her characters have never left me, even though I’ve finished reading the books and have put them back on the shelves. Jace and Alex, as well as Will and Jem, and Tessa and Clary will always leave an impression on me, as much as the actual people I’ve met in my life.

I’ve heard a lot of people prefer her other series, which takes place in modern times, a century or so after this series, but I prefer this one.  The one thing that really drew me in was one simple word.  Steampunk.

The story is a mash of supernatural and steampunk.

Special warriors called Nephilim protect the average humans from things that go bump in the night.  Demons, vampires, werewolves, ifrits, and many more.  To top it of there is a new mechanical enemy.  Automatons  have started attacking the Nephilim, especially when they find a strange girl named Tessa who is not human, but bears no markings of a demon, yet can hold an object and transform into the last person who handled that object.

Like I stated before, I didn’t find the story the most exciting, but I kept coming back for the characters, even the ones I was supposed to hate. Definitely a series I recommend and one I go back to, simply because the characters were so vibrant and real that I actually found myself missing them when the book was over.

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